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Student Testimonials

CSS is an amazing school, you should come.
Don’t feel nervous, because CSS can make you feel better and you can practice so you don’t feel nervous or left out or feel bad.
It is a very good for practice and fun to do with your classmates and friends. It is very good for learning new things too.
CSS is a great way to practice leadership roles in mass, music and prayers. It is a great way to learn parts of the mass and how to play instruments too.
If you try it you will love it.
In my school we have a website that helps us with songs in mass and learning about God
CSS is fun and by doing CSS you can encourage others to want to do it too.
It’s a program that helps and introduces you to more singing and being involved in church.

Teacher Testimonials

It is a great way to allow students to feel confident about their leadership roles and for other students to be fully prepared to participate in mass. It is also extremely easy for someone who cannot teach music to implement music time in the classroom.
It is such a great way to implement music knowledge and independence for students. It is not burdensome for teachers and actually provides a fun and educational experience for both student and teacher. LOVE IT!
It’s a great, thorough program! The detailed celebration rehearsal sheet is a game changer!
It is a great way to help students prepare for mass. Even though I teach TK and we do not lead a mass, the kids love practicing the songs.
This program gives both students and staff the tools needed to lead a successful mass with confidence. It is a great tool for learning as well as teaching and appeals to all ages.
Worth the time.

Parent Testimonials

CSS program is amazing! It has given my children such a wonderful opportunity. They have developed positive leadership skills. They understand the importance of the role and they truly value being part of mass. We are incredibly grateful for CSS.
We are blessed to have this opportunity with CSS. Wonderful leadership.
Highly recommend CSS. It’s very impressive and user-friendly!
I like being a part of Mass prep at home. It helps our younger children see the older children participating and leading at Mass.
My children are thriving with CSS.
My favorite part of CSS is watching and hearing the children – seeing their connection to the church become stronger. They love being part of the mass.