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About Catholic Schools Sing

Our Mission

“becoming a symbol of hope”

The mission of Catholic Schools Sing is to be co-creators with God and all children of God nourished by prayer in service of others. May we be known not merely by words but by mostly, good works. And if music be the work, may beauty, hope and joy be the fruit.

Saint Joseph Christ Child

Saint Joseph with the Christ Child, 18th century Marcantonio Franceschini (1648-1729), Sotheby’s, New York City

Through the intercession of Saint Joseph, Catholic Schools Sing is committed to listening with a humble spirit and a servant’s heart; invoking his patronage and support:

for children

Remembering we are created in God’s image and likeness may we never cease to be childlike, inclusive and encouraging so that children may encounter Christ and “come to him” (Matthew 19:14)

for fathers

May we, like fathers, accept the responsibility of caring for God’s children, inviting them to explore new and fresh possibilities

for families

May we seek to inspire opportunities for love and healing within our homes and our world

for teachers

May we embrace with sincerity and understanding the Wisdom that comes from this selfless profession

for educators

May we lead by listening and cultivate mutual respect by relinquishing any need to convince or control

for pioneers

May we nurture the authenticity of our dreams welcoming new ideas free from judgment filled with tenderness and acceptance. May we take creative courage in the challenging of comfort zones and difficult realities

against doubt

May we sympathize with our fears knowing God works through an unyielding faith

against hesitation

May we live our faith with endurance and perseverance by heeding God’s will avoiding sterility and proactively confronting reality

for interior souls

May our work plant seeds of truth within the soul that will testify to Christ’s light

for laborers and working people

May we recognize and value hard work with generosity through shared responsibility, consistency and conscious effort

for the Catholic & Universal Church

May we build the Kingdom of God as a faithful friend of the Catholic Church (Ecclesiastes 6:14-16)

Our Story

Since 1986, we have a combined 48 years of teaching experience at college, high school and elementary schools along the west coast. Namely, at the following institutions:

University of San Diego – San Diego, CA

O’Dea High School – Seattle, WA

Cathedral Catholic High School – San Diego, CA

Saint Francis of Assisi School – Seattle, WA

Sacred Heart Parish School – Coronado, CA

Our education and lifelong studies include the following academic degrees

Music, Business, Character Education & Development (University of San Diego)

Organizational Behavior & Psychology (Multnomah University)

Trombone Performance (University of Oregon)

Composition, Jazz Music & Theory (Cornish College of the Arts)

Liturgically, we have a combined 70 years of Catholic liturgical music experience in the Archdiocese of Seattle, Diocese of San Diego, and United States Navy.

We have participated in liturgical, presentational, and demonstrational capacity at the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA 2022, New Orleans; NCEA 2016, San Diego)

We are active members of the Conference of Roman Catholic Cathedral Musicians (CRCCM)

The following is a complete list of Cathedrals, Parishes and Parish Schools where we have directed liturgical music:

Saint Joseph Cathedral – San Diego, CA (2022-2012)

Saint James Cathedral – Seattle, WA (2005-1986)

Sacred Heart Parish – Coronado, CA (2022-2005)

Cathedral Catholic High School – San Diego, CA (2016-2012)

Saint Francis of Assisi Parish– Seattle, WA (2004-1986)

Immaculata Parish – San Diego, CA (2016-2006)

North Island Naval Base – Coronado, CA (2015-2011)

University of San Diego’s Founders Chapel – San Diego, CA (2018-2008)

University of San Diego’s St. Francis Center – (2016-2012)

Academy of Our Lady of Peace – San Diego, CA (2016-2008)

Saint Augustine High School – San Diego, CA (2016-2008)

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish – West Seattle, WA (2004-1986)

Saint Thérése of Carmel Parish – Del Mar, San Diego, CA (2016-2010)

Immaculate Conception Parish – San Diego, CA (2015-2013)

Saint Brigid Parish – Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA (2016-2012)